Gualchos is a quaint and charming hillside village located 7 km from the coast and 20 km east of Motril. Gualchos is one of Andaluciaís many so-called "white villages", which have changed only little since they were founded by the Moors in the Middle Ages, although the old whitewashed houses with their metre-thick walls and redtiled roofs now have electricity and other modern conveniences installed.

The village has some 700 inhabitants and is situated on a small plateau near a natural spring. In the twisting narrow streetsyou will still see mountain peasants leading their mules out to "el campo", where the almond trees have to be tended. Women dressed in black rush to the bakerís to fetch freshly baked bread, and in "La Plaza" they shop from the fishmonger, who arrives with the nightís catch.

The village has three places to eat, La Ventera La Venterabeing the only restaurant open all year round. However, you can always order a meal at the bar in the plaza (the day before), or eat your fill on the large-sized tapas that come with drinks here.

The village grocer has his shop in the plaza. You can buy anything here. Both butcherís produce and general groceries are available. Opening hours are from 10 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. and from 5 to 9 p.m. (but not Sundays).

The bakerís is a bit difficult to find, but itís there! The bread is always good and freshly baked. Every morning, you can walk down to the bakerís and buy bread, or you can go out onto the street when the bakerís assistant drives round the narrow village streets selling bread. He honks away on the horn, so youíll always hear him arriving (at about 9-10 a.m.).

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It takes just under 2 hours to drive from MŠlaga Airport to the Gualchos House

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