Castell de Ferro

Castell de Ferro is some 5 km fra Gulachos. It is a pretty Mediterranean fishing town with access from airports at Almeria, Malaga and Granada. It has narrow, winding streets clustered around a main square surrounded on three sides with shops, bars and restaurants and the shingle beach on the fourth.

The town was named after the castle that stands behind, which was built to defend the natural harbour that it overlooks.

There are a few bars and restaurants in the town, serving mainly traditional Spanish cuisine. Obviously as Castell de Ferro is a fishing village then we can recommend the local catch of the day. The local waters are especially well known for producing succulent prawns. A speciality breakfast of the region is Espichás, which are sun-dried anchovies, salted and fried with garlic and eggs.

On June 24 of each year (the festival of St John or San Juan), bonfires are lit on the beach and everything nasty and old from the previous year is cast, symbolically, into the fire. People party on the beach, where they eat, sing and drink and bathe in the sea.

As a fishing village, Castell de Ferro celebrates its patron saint, the Virgen del Carmen, in the middle of July. During the holidays there is a comprehensive and fun program of events which include the parade of giants and a parade of floats. And above all, the maritime procession of the Virgin, followed by a fireworks castle, with the flares and rockets coming from the surface of the water.

Castell de Ferro and the castle ruin on the hill behind the village The shingle beach of Castell de Ferro
View towards the castle ruin The beach promenade in Castell de Ferro
Fishing boats on the beach of Castell de Ferro Palm trees and the blue ocean at Castell de Ferro

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